Agreement Express Gives PayFacs, and PSPs a Competitive Advantage

The team at PYMNTS spoke with Agreement Express CEO David O'Brien to gain greater insight on the changes the pandemic has made to the digital payments landscape for PayFacs and PSPs.

Higher Speed, Same Controls: How Automated Underwriting Drives New Business

One of the best things about automated underwriting is how it gives human skill and judgment its proper due. Human intervention is only used when it's really required, with the time-consuming and tedious tasks left to machines.

The Key to Financial Success in 2021: Tailor-Made Risk Management

You’re agile, resilient, and prepared for the future! Coming out of a taxing year, that is you! But can you say the same about your underwriting process? Underwriting automation technology expands the capabilities of your underwriting staff by allowing you to build custom risk scorecards in a...

PayFacs Accelerating the Digital Appetite of Businesses

Written by: Carmen Ballard, VP of Customer Success at Agreement Express

Treat the business you want like they have the needs of a millennial retail consumer.

The Perils of Building Your Own Underwriting Automation Solution

The payments industry is continuously changing and evolving. Whether you’re a payment facilitator or independent software vendor (ISV), your risk model has to acknowledge that reality. The best practices for payfac risk management rely on underwriting automation and a custom risk scorecard. 

Powering Transformation: Merchant Speed & Adaptability

The evolution of payments has the greatest potential to transform the consumer shopping experience. Paradoxically, this transformation will take place completely out of sight of the consumer. Consumers will simply enjoy an experience that’s completely seamless and, if necessary, contactless as...

Safe at Top Speed: Faster Approvals Without Adding Risk

Payment facilitators that can reduce underwriting review and offer faster merchant approval typically increase their revenue, sometimes dramatically. However, they also dramatically increase their risk. Fortunately, there’s a better way. 

Take Risk with Confidence: Automating Payfac Underwriting

Merchant acquirers and payment service providers (PSPs) have a common challenge.

Growing the business requires onboarding merchants. More merchants means more transactions, which fuels your growth and increases your processing volume. The faster you can onboard merchants, the faster you can grow...

Increasing Payments Revenue: Expand Your Piece of the Pie

Technology holds tremendous potential to transform the payment space. The right kind of automation is the key to unlocking this potential. This is true regardless of whether your company is just starting to get into the payment space or an established firm that wants to grow the business, either...

3 Guidelines: Digital Readiness In The Age of COVID-19

The entire world is united in facing a new reality of quarantining and remote work as we collectively go through the COVID-19 pandemic. However, there's one thing that all of us in business know: the show must go on. Your clients still need your expertise and advice, arguably now more than ever....