Improving Client Onboarding: Wealth Management

It is becoming less of a secret how important the client onboarding process is in wealth management, both for the business and the client. In fact, client onboarding is still the number one challenge for firms.

In reality, it’s one thing for firms to know they need to improve, but an entirely...

With Beneficial Owners, How Well Do You KYC?

Anti money-laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements form the critical underpinning of financial regulation. In recent years, there has been increased pressure on regulators to introduce additional AML and KYC reforms as a result of some high profile controversies involving...

What do wealth clients want, and how can firms deliver?

What do wealth clients want, and how can firms deliver?

The Brexit Effect: How to find opportunity in uncertainty

Article 50 was enacted on March 29, 2017, and although the UK won't officially leave the EU until April 2019, the European financial markets hold their breath. The results of the May 2017 French presidential election indicate that France will not be joining the UK in a Brexit-like exit from the...

Comply, Compete & Pave the Way

While the enforcement mechanisms associated with the DOL Fiduciary Rule are still in flux, it’s apparent that a fiduciary standard is inevitable with or without this particular set of regulations.

Meet the Experts: KYC SiteScan

In our new series, Meet the Experts, we interview top industry influencers and innovators who are shaping the future of the financial services industry.

Opening New Accounts is Exhausting Your Clients and Your Advisors

Opening a new account at a wealth management firm can be exhausting. After a client establishes their financial goals with an advisor during their first meeting, collecting the correct paperwork to be filled in by the client and sending the forms can take several business days. Once the client...

Highlights from the Webinar: “How to Open More Merchant Accounts”

We had a huge response to our webinar “How to Open More Merchant Accounts in Less Time” with some of the top merchant acquirers and ISOs staying to the end to ask some questions about automated underwriting and Agreement Express. In this blog post, we answer your questions.