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Building the RIA Platform of the Future

Wealth management technology continues to evolve at a lightning-quick pace, but as an advisor, it can be overwhelming to wade through the sheer number of solutions in the market today. For fast growing RIAs that are building out their practices with technology at the forefront, it always comes back to the question, “Which of these solutions are right for me?”

Today we’re excited to announce the availability of Agreement Express platform on the ​Fidelity Wealthscape Integration Xchange​, a one stop digital storefront for advisor technology solutions that are integrated with the Wealthscape platform from Fidelity Institutional. We share in Fidelity’s vision for the future of advisor technology - one that’s fast, frictionless, flexible and innovative, and thoughtfully integrated with an eye to the client experience.

“Advisors continue to demand technology solutions that are easy to use, drive efficiency, and help them to deliver greater value to clients,” said Tricia Haskins, Vice President, Digital Strategy & Platform Consulting, Fidelity Institutional. “With Integration Xchange, we are enabling firms to evolve their capabilities with a tailored platform, integrated seamlessly with Fidelity. Our goal is to provide firms and advisors access to tools that help them build the right platform to grow and scale their business, while deepening client relationships through a collaborative experience.”

A guiding vision at Agreement Express is the RIA Platform of the Future. Talking to RIAs, advisors, custodians and clients, we gain valuable insights into the future of advisor tech. So what does it look like? We believe any solution in the ecosystem of the future needs to abide by the following principles:

RIA Platform of the Future Guiding Principles

Open APIs and ease of integration across solutions Real-time bi-directional data exchange through systems of record - Onboarding, Advisor Desktop, CRM, and Portfolio Management
Intuitive user experiences and workflows for advisors, clients, operations and compliance teams, in line with technology that’s used everyday in their personal life (think Amazon, Google, Uber) Robust security to keep sensitive client and firm data protected
Intelligent document packaging and form auto-fill Digitized workflow seamlessly connects client, advisor, compliance and custodian for new account opening
Integrated hybrid e-signature for accelerated approval A desire to automate, and reduce low-value activity across the value chain - to drive not only growth and profitability as a business, but improved client outcomes through more personalized service

We believe this is an important step in the realization of what we, at Agreement Express, talk about internally every day - the advisor tech platform of the future. It’s about driving maximum value out of your technology investments, with an integrated tech stack that allows data to be updated across all systems of record with a unified digital workflow.

“An integrated tech stack empowers RIA operations by reducing training time, removing friction in the user experience, and providing efficiency through the elimination of duplicate data entry, “ said Jeff Kliewer, Director of Integration Partnerships and Support, Orion Advisor Services. “When done right, it allows your technology to work in concert for maximum impact on your staff and ultimately the clients.”

Ultimately, it will be the advisors that will dictate what they need from a technology solution. That’s why we’re excited about the future of advisor solutions, and our collaboration with Fidelity. Learn more about the collaboration here.

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