The False Security of Legacy Systems: Why Fintech May Not Be Your Biggest Threat

Fintech innovators are at your door, vying for your customers and business, but your real threat lies within your own walls. Legacy systems are increasingly irrelevant, costly, and difficult to use.

In 2012, Bruno Iskil, a trader known as the London Whale, lost $6.2 billion for JP Morgan. While...

How to Implement a Paperless Client Onboarding Process in Wealth Management

A how-to guide for integrating paperless onboarding into your wealth management firm. 

Fintech Disruption: The Insurance Industry is Next

Why Insurance is the next industry to be disrupted, and what traditional insurance companies can do to keep up.

The insurance industry has been the laggard of the fintech revolution. But it’s not too surprising, since the very premise of insurance is minimizing risk for all involved parties....