Merchant Acquiring Lessons Learned from the 2008 Mortgage Crisis

Much ink has been spilled about the 2008 Mortgage Crisis. In the U.S, $10 billion dollars worth of subprime mortgages dealt out by Mortgage Companies that were not prepared to assume the risks, inevitably found themselves into a race to the bottom when investor debt turned grotesque. How did...

How to Respond to the Robo Advisor Threat

Since the industrial revolution, there has always been a sense of fear with every new technology. Some of that fear is processed through science fiction; think of the infamously detached HAL-9000 in 2001: A Space Odyssey. And the potential impact of computer technology is constantly widening....

Meeting the Rising Client Expectations in Wealth Management

In financial services, “closing the deal” can mean up to a month of sending paperwork back-and-forth. Some firms are using technology to meet evolving client needs and pull ahead. Others are being left behind.

An incorrectly signed form or an impromptu business trip out of the country can...

Strategies for Improving Client Onboarding in Wealth Management

It is becoming less of a secret how important the client onboarding process is in wealth management, both to the business and to the client. In fact, according to CEB TowerGroup, 85% of wealth technology executives placed high importance improving client onboarding in 2016 (Source: CEB...

The Role of Onboarding Automation in Growing a Merchant Acquiring Business

Why Onboarding Automation is the Key to Merchant Acquiring Growth

Pac-Man was never a very realistic game. He would eat and eat and eat but never get any bigger.

Beyond Digital Signature in Wealth Management

If you want to solve a client onboarding problem in your organization, digital signature by itself isn’t going to cut it. If anything, it might put your organization at risk by being an unscalable solution.

Wealth Management firms that want to digitalize their processes often reach an impasse...

DOL Fiduciary Compliance: Start with Client Onboarding

Compliance with the New Fiduciary Rule doesn't have to a painful process; it's an opportunity to take a look at your client onboarding process and find innovative technology solutions.

The new US Department of Labor (DOL) fiduciary rule, to be in effect by April 10, 2017, is, depending on whom...

Frankenstein IT: The Dangers of Integrating Too Many Systems

Rube Goldberg (1883 - 1970) was a genius cartoonist whose enduring legacy is the concept of the hilarious Rube Goldberg Machine that performs the simplest of tasks ‘automatically’, by completing dozens of seemingly unnecessary tasks along the way.

Highlights from the Webinar: “How to Open More Merchant Accounts”

We had a huge response to our webinar “How to Open More Merchant Accounts in Less Time” with some of the top merchant acquirers and ISOs staying to the end to ask some questions about automated underwriting and Agreement Express. In this blog post, we answer your questions.

Part Two: The Merchant Acquirer’s Guide to Onboarding More Merchants

This is the second part in a two-part series on how Merchant Acquirers and ISOs can keep up with the merchant onboarding race in a competitive market. Read Part 1.