The Brexit Effect: How to find opportunity in uncertainty

Article 50 was enacted on March 29, 2017, and although the UK won't officially leave the EU until April 2019, the European financial markets hold their breath. The results of the May 2017 French presidential election indicate that France will not be joining the UK in a Brexit-like exit from the...

Comply, Compete & Pave the Way

While the enforcement mechanisms associated with the DOL Fiduciary Rule are still in flux, it’s apparent that a fiduciary standard is inevitable with or without this particular set of regulations.

Meet The Experts - Software Advice

For our latest Meet The Expert column we consulted Market Research Analysts from leading software review site, Software Advice. Craig Borowski and Eileen O’Loughlin have well-research insights on automation and the impact technology can have on business processes. We discussed what’s next for...

Multi-Generational Wealth: Why Your Firm Will Lose the Next Generation


Meet the Experts: KYC SiteScan

In our new series, Meet the Experts, we interview top industry influencers and innovators who are shaping the future of the financial services industry.

Fintech 2016 Year In Review

The Single Biggest Threat to Banking

What is the single biggest threat to the financial services industry?

The most important aspect of the customer onboarding process

Anyone who has opened a merchant bank account can attest that the client onboarding process is slow and complex. As margins decrease and merchant attrition increases, bank executives responsible for customer experience are searching for ways to remain competitive by understanding the problem...

The Ultimate Summary of Money20/20 2016

Money20/20 Las Vegas has become a keystone event for the payments industry.  Industry-changing announcements are made every year and the whole payments ecosystem comes together to stay ahead of the curve.

Straight-Through Processing for Faster Merchant Onboarding

Recent research by Capgemini and MIT has found that “old-world operators with traditional processes” are losing to competitors with faster, more streamlined back-office operations. One of their top recommendations to organizations who want to survive is to adopt Straight-Through Processing as a...