How payment facilitators will continue to disrupt the acquiring market in 2018

Square, Stripe, and PayPal have become the poster children for the new acquiring era of payment facilitation. Less than ten years ago, these technology-focused disruptors entered the market with a fiercely underestimated growth potential. After all, how could offering product solutions built...

3 WealthTech Insights from the 2017 Schwab IMPACT Conference

Three things we learned about WealthTech at IMPACT 2017

This month the Agreement Express team attended the Charles Schwab Conference in Chicago, where we had the opportunity to connect with RIA’s, and industry thought leaders. During the event, we engaged in lively discussions, breakout...

CX Craze: Merchant Experience is the New Customer Experience

Customer experience, or as it’s more commonly known these days, “CX”, has been a hot payments trend for the last couple of years.

The Ultimate Summary of Money 20/20 2017

Wealth Management: Banking’s silver bullet or an operational money pit?

Bank of America crossed $1 trillion in assets under management for the first time in its history in Q3 2017. And Morgan Stanley generated almost half (46%) of its revenue from asset and wealth management in the same period. Wealth management is a game-changer for business, and the banks know it.

Agreement Express Named One of the Top 100 Tech Companies in British Columbia

Recently, we were ranked one of the top 100 tech companies in B.C. according to research conducted by Business in Vancouver. Since last year, our Vancouver office has grown over 71% with top talent joining our team from around the world.  We’ve experienced unprecedented growth in 2017,...

Merchant Onboarding Vendor Evaluation Checklist

Payments organizations are under pressure to change their traditional processes for at least two reasons: margins are increasingly small due to a commoditized industry, and Payment Service Providers (PSP) such as Square, PayPal and Intuit have disrupted the business model (McKinsey, Innovation...

The State of Fintech and Financial Services

The relationship between Fintech and financial institutions (FIs) is in its third wave, according to Jeff Gido, Goldman Sachs's Global Head of Fintech. First, Fintech appeared as a response to an industry in crisis, when public opinion and customer satisfaction was at an all-time low. In the...

The Digital Future of Wealth Management Firms

Wealth Management has become a client-driven industry, with advisors increasingly considered a value-add rather than irreplaceable gatekeeper. As wealth management firms vie to meet client demands, an emphasis on implementing the type of technology they are accustomed to has emerged. Wealth...

What do wealth clients want, and how can firms deliver?

What do wealth clients want, and how can firms deliver?